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Natalie is a welcome addition to the Immortalata Functional Nutrition team! As the owner and clinician of Holistic Hydration LLC, Natalie provides nutritional support through IV/IM infusions. It is our pleasure to have her provide her IV/ IM services to both current clients and the public!

My Story

“In a world where professional success and personal fulfillment often seem at odds, Natalie willingly took a leap of faith to follow her true calling. Natalie is a driven individual who left a full-time career to pursue a life of purpose in the healthcare industry as a Registered Nurse. Through the challenges of USM’s nursing school as a non-traditional student, the tragedies of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the exploration of diverse patient types and acuities experienced by travel nursing, Natalie discovered the profound satisfaction of making a difference in her immediate community and beyond.  Natalie eagerly joins the team to continue her dedication to the health of her community members and assist to create a balance of physical, mental and emotional wealth.”



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