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Standard Infusions

Daily Defense 

30-60 minute gtt —$175.00
Give your body that immune boost it's begging for with a mixture of B-Complex, B-12,
Vitamin C, and Zinc Sulfate. You’ll have a fighting chance to ward off seasonal allergies
and illnesses.

Hair Of The Dog

30-45min gtt —$165.00

Had one too many during that wild and memorable celebration? Take off the edge and ease along with the nauseating headache with Magnesium Chloride, B-Complex, Zinc, Zofran, Copper and Manganese.  
Bonus:  Can be used as a hangover prevention!

Lounging at the Lincoln

60-minute gtt —$95.00
A 1000mL gentle hydration with Normal Saline over one hour.

Little Lounger —$50.00

Express hydration of 500mL normal saline over 30 minutes


60 minute gtt —$150.00
Beat the fatigue with will of botanicals. Vitamin B-Complex, Arginine, Ornithine, Lysine
and Citrulline will not only leave you feeling energized but help improve healthy blood
flow to vital organs.


Myers Cocktail

30-60 minute gtt —$195.00
The Gold Standard to heal, revive and renew with this mixture of Magnesium Chloride,
Calcium Gluconate, B-Complex, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C. Myers is able to enhance
performance, forgo jetlag, protect against infections.  Feeling fatigued? Needing a boost
in the immune system? Myer’s may be for you.  


Shine Bright Like a Diamond

30-60 minute gtt —$185.00
Longing for that dewy glow and plump skin?  With the power of Vitamin C, B-Complex,
B-12 a touch of Biotin and Glutathione it can be achieved.  Strengthen nails add shine to

Specialized Infusions

Liver for Life

Cleanse your body using Magnesium Chloride, B-Complex, Zinc, Copper and Vitamin C
with a dose of Glutathione to end your session.  
Add On Suggestion: Lipo-Mino



60-120 minute gtt —$200.00

Zen in and zone out. This relaxing combination will be sure to wash your stress away. 
Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, Vitamin C, B12, B-Complex, with a dose of
Glutathione to end your session.  

The Olympian

60-90 minute gtt —$350

Utilize this drip for a little extra energy pre-work out or to accelerate recovery post-
workout.  Vitamin C, B-Complex, B-12, Arginine, Ornithine, Lysine, Citrulline,
Magnesium Chloride, Zinc, Manganese and Copper assist to design the ultimate workout
routine and decrease your recovery time. ALA (DM) and Glutathione are botanicals that
can also boost metabolism making it a great option for competition as well. 
ALA and Glutathione botanicals are added to the end of your session.


The Slim and Slender

60-90 minute gtt —$275
Boost your metabolism, burn fat and enhance circulation. Vitamin B Complex, B12 and
Taurine. ALA and Glutathione are added at the end of your session.
Add On: MICC -or- Lipo-Mino


Fe26 Infusion - 60-minute gtt —$150  

Labs required by Immortalata prior to infusion


Coming Soon:

NAD+ IV 240 minute gtt —$400.00
This vital contributes to the production of energy, protein modification, and DNA repair
at a cellular level. NAD+ levels can be lowered by things such as poor diet, aging, stress,
sleep issues. Benefits of a regular NAD+ infusion is symptom management of
autoimmune disorders, chronic pain/chronic fatigue reduction, anxiety and insomnia
reduction, mood enhancement, neurological health, mental clarity. NAD+ has the ability
to reverse aging inside out by assisting in DNA repair, liver protection and increased
blood flow. Additionally, NAD+ lends help to enhance athletic recovery.


Mini NAD+ 250mg 120minutes $250





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