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A Nutritional Approach to Fitness, Beauty & Wellness

Functional Nutritionist

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NEW: Micronutrient Assessment

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Consult, Testing, Interpretation, and Supplement Protocol Recommendation


Mission Statement


A feminized play of the Sicilian word Immortalae meaning immortalized. (I thank my Nonna for the inspiration). When I told her that I could use the chemistry of food, botanicals & environment to regress or reverse disease she asked thoughtfully if I was trying to make immortal people. I have no delusion of making people immortal, however, I hold the will for a change in culture.


I had a marvel idea, give the power to the individual. The power to be well, the power of a quality life, the power of longevity, and the power to truly understand the body that is uniquely theirs.


Fish for a man and you feed him for a day, this is our common culture. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime - this is the culture of Immortalata. Here we provide the tools that put power in your hands, removing reliance.


Through the chemistry of functional foods, nutrients, botanicals, the physics and chemistry of movement & calm, the wonder of neuroplasticity, and the support of the community, all individuals hold the power to be truly well if they are given the knowledge to harness it.


These tools balance the chemistry of the body and mind allowing it to heal through its own innate power.

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I have been working with Allison for 5 months now. I have lost nearly 15 lbs! Allison is so passionate about her work. She gives you the tools you need to help you feel better and believe me when I say the results are incredible! She also pays very close attention to detail. I went from extremely swollen in the face, hands, and feet to nothing! I found out that all my health issues were related to my gut health. I live in a small town and I just didn’t have the resources to get the help I needed. I’m so grateful I found Allison when I did! She makes the hour and a half drive worth it! I have been through a lot, health-wise and doctors never got to the root of the problem. I have been searching for answers for 6+ years. Allison got straight to the root so quickly, I saw major results in weeks! Allison has a great way of explaining things and is your biggest cheerleader throughout this journey. She is on a mission to help people achieve the healthiest version of themself! I never thought I would feel as great as I do. This is the most rewarding life style change I have ever been through. I truly feel happy, healthy and I’m starting to love the way I look as well!


I can't thank you enough especially for dealing with my constant questions about food and poop! You have helped me completely turn my life around and gave me HOPE that  I do not always have to feel so sick or resort to medications. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!



I’ve been working with Ally for about month now and I’m already seeing huge results. She helped me discover many things about my health that I never knew. I have been dealing with many GI issues for years and all my doctors wanted to do was through medications at it. Ally helped me look at the real root of the problem and fix it. I’m about to have my third weigh in and I’m actually excited for the results, because in the first two weeks of working on her program I lost 10.5 pounds. I know it’s not about the numbers and it’s about how you feel and look and your health. But seeing those numbers shed off like they do is very satisfying. Getting healthy is hard work and there is a lot of adversity, but Ally helps you every step of the way. She’s always there to encourage you, she answers any questions you have, and she’s not afraid of telling you the harsh truths you need to hear to make a change and better yourself. She is so helpful and really educates you and helps you understand how you can help yourself.

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